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When did Papa’s Sushiria come out?

Papa’s Sushiria To Go! is the thirteenth To Go! game in the Papa Louie’s restaurant time-management series. The app was officially announced on February 24, 2020. It was released on April 21, 2020, one day earlier than the official release date planned by Flipline Studios.

Where can I play Papa’s Sushiria?

Papa’s Sushiria – Play it now at

What are the holidays in Papa’s Sushiria?

Four holidays (Summer Luau, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) are presently celebrated in all games with holidays. The holiday changes whenever the rank number ends in a 1 or 6. Every holiday usually has 4, 5, or 6 ingredients based on the amount of ingredients each Gameria had.

How does Papa’s Sushiria end?

The tour ends and Matt/Clover/Custom Worker leaves, but walks right into the Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat) statue that is outside of the restaurant, breaking it. Papa Louie tells him/her not to worry about it as he will buy one with tips from Opening Day sales the next day.

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What is the oldest Papa’s game?

Papa’s Pizzeria is the first game in the Papa Louie time-management restaurant series, and was officially released on August 7, 2007.

Is Papa’s games shutting down?

After December 2020, once the web browser manufacturers remove support for Flash Player, our games won’t be playable on the website anymore. In fact, we’ve been working hard to convert all of the existing Papa’s games into apps, so they would still exist in some form after Flash was discontinued.

How do you flip sushi in Papa’s Sushiria?

Papa’s Sushiria /To Go! The player picks up the Sushi Square and places it on top of the rolled out sushi wrap. The Sushi Square will then roll across the sushi wrap, spreading out a layer of rice.

What is Nori in Papa’s Sushiria?

Nori is a standard seaweed sushi wrap available in Papa’s Sushiria /To Go!. It is available at the start of both games.

What holiday comes after Holi in Papa’s Scooperia?

Preceding Holiday Valentine’s Day
Following Holiday Cherry Blossom Festival ( Scooperia /HD) Easter ( Scooperia To Go!, Cheeseria To Go!)
Unlocked with Mindy


Which Papa’s games have holidays?

Games With Holidays

  • Papa’s Mocharia To Go!
  • Papa’s Bakeria.
  • Papa’s Donuteria.

What are all the ingredients in Papa’s Sushiria?


  • Avocado (Start)
  • Carrot (Start)
  • Crab Stick (Start)
  • Cream Cheese (Start)
  • Cucumber Slices (Start)
  • Salmon (Start)
  • Snow Peas (Start)
  • Tuna (Start)

Can you finish papa’s Cheeseria?

The ending sequence for this game is at Rank 65.

Does Papa’s freezeria have an ending?

They have an ending cut since pastaria, where principally your first year working finishes and the new begins unlocking the first holiday again. They are infinite because of the gold customers, badges on taco Mia – Cheeseria, Specials Cheeseria-Bakeria and Stickers. So they won’t end never, you know where to leave it.

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What does holiday spirit do in Papa’s Sushiria?

There is now a ” holiday spirit ” meter based on how well your lobby and clothing match the current holiday. Customer coupons may be purchased in the upgrade shop to “invite” a customer to the restaurant if you need to unlock a certain sticker. Vincent delivers the gifting clothes, as well as customer coupons.

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