FAQ: Rock And Roll Sushi Llc Who Works There?


Who owns Rock and Roll Sushi?

Ryan Hallmark – Owner – Rock and roll sushi | LinkedIn.

How many Rock N Roll Sushi locations are there?

One of our most successful clients is Rock N Roll Sushi, a vibrant and unique franchise that brings something exciting to the sushi restaurant world. With 22 restaurants in operation, 18 of which are franchises, RNR Sushi is paving the way for explosive growth throughout the country.

How does Rock N Roll Sushi work?

Rockin’ Roll Sushi is a unique way to provide delicious Sushi to Sushi lovers. Fresh made sushi placed on a conveyor belt pass your table. Simply grab what you like and enjoy the great taste. We proudly offer fresh sushi with NO MSG, NO artificial coloring, and NO chemical food preservatives.

Who is famous for rock and roll?

1. Elvis Presley. Is this too obvious? He is known as the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, but setting aside many nicknames that were offered to this inexplicable force, Elvis was gonna do Elvis.

How Much Is a Rock N Roll Sushi franchise?

A: The initial single-unit franchise fee is $30,000. Estimated initial investment requirement for a single restaurant ranges from $145,000 to $629,000.

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Where did Rock N Roll Sushi originate?

It all began in Mobile, Alabama, as the dream of husband-and-wife team Lance and Gerri Mach Hallmark, who used their fourteen-plus years of experience in the food and beverage industry to open the flagship Rock N Roll Sushi in 2010.

What is in Rock N Roll Sushi?

Rock n Roll Sushi Special Rolls Inside is 3 pieces of salmon, spicy crab meat and avocado with ponzu sauce. 5 piece cucumber cut roll. Inside is tuna, salmon, white fish, albacore, avocado, gobo and crab meat with ponzu sauce.

Who founded Rock N Roll Sushi?

The couple never dreamed of owning a restaurant, but Rock n Roll Sushi’s founder, Lance Hallmark, is a close friend.

When did Rock N Roll Sushi open?

Rock – N – Roll Sushi is a sushi restaurant chain which first opened in Mobile’s Bel-Air Mall in 2010. It was founded by Ryan and Lance Hallmark with Annette Chastain.

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Today’s Oldest Living Rock N’ Roll Stars- And They STILL Look Good

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