FAQ: What Does A Pokeworks Sushi Burrito Cost?


How much does Pokeworks cost?

Pokeworks Signature Works Menu and Prices 2021
Umami Classic $10.50 – $12.95
Hawaiian Classic $10.50 – $12.95
Spicy Ponzu Albacore $10.50 – $12.95
Gochu Poke $10.50 – $12.95

What do you get at Pokeworks?

Flavors available at Pokeworks include include uncarbonated options such as black tea, sweet tea, lemonade, strawberry rhubarb haymaker, and mandarin cardamom. We highly recommend the strawberry rhubarb haymaker – it was absolutely delicious.

What is Pokeworks sauce?

Forth, choose your flavor or sauce. Here you have Pokéworks Classic which is a soy sesame vinaigrette, Umami Shoyu (a honey bonito infused soy), Ponzu Fresh (a citrus infused soy), Sriracha Aioli, Wasabi Aioli, Spicy Ginger, Sweet Chili Gochujang and Classic Salt (Hawaiian salt, toasted sesame oil and pepper flakes.

Is Pokeworks raw?

But to the founders of Pokeworks it was more than just a travel fling. But it is the Hawaiian word for slice or “cut into pieces,” and it is pretty much always cubed, raw seafood – though Pokeworks also offers chicken and tofu.

Is poke healthy?

Poke bowls generally contain healthy ingredients like fish and vegetables. However, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks of eating raw fish, especially if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or immunocompromised.

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Is Pokeworks a chain?

Pokeworks, the New York-based chain of raw fish bowl restaurants, has left Chicago, with its West Loop location papered up over this weekend. Eater has confirmed both the Loop and West Loop locations of Pokeworks are no longer. The company continues to operate more than 50 locations across the country.

Is poke the same as sushi?

Poke is different from Japanese sashimi and sushi as the fish used in the dishes are not marinated and the preparation involves very precise slicing of the fish. It is merely a bowl of raw fish, roughly cut, dressed in an Asian dressing and sometimes it has some nuts, fruit and vegetables added to it.

Who owns Pokeworks?

Pokeworks CEO Michael Wu co-founded the poke concept in 2015. Since the Hawaiian Islands joined the union six decades ago, millions of visitors every year travel far and wide to experience the wide array of culinary selections, beautiful landscapes, and laid-back vibes found in the Aloha state.

How much do poke bowls cost?

Even though poke bowls can also be built with seafood such as scallops, octopus, and shrimp (via Da Poke Shack), the need to use fresh, free-range fish is why poke establishments charge between $10 to $20 per bowl; the price could be further justified with the addition of extra ingredients like avocado, edamame, and

How many Pokeworks locations are there?

Founded in 2015, Pokeworks is building on momentum largely fueled by its millennial relevance and deep-rooted commitment to sustainability efforts and has grown to 46 locations open across the United States.

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