Often asked: Who Is Sushi Nozawa?


How expensive is Sugarfish?

Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa Servers are prompt and kind, but not always ready to answer questions about the food. Moderate. Nozawa-style shrimp; bay scallops; sweet shrimp; crab hand roll. Set menus, $27 to $51; individual items, $3 to $17; service included.

Is Sugarfish actually good?

The sushi at Sugarfish LA is incredibly fresh, and you can taste the quality in every bite. The sashimi literally felt like butter melting in my mouth. The rice was the perfect texture with a distinct flavor that accentuated the taste of the sashimi. It was delicious!

How much is the trust me at Sugarfish?

SugarFISH by Sushi Nozawa Menu

Nozawa Trust Me $25.00
Trust Me / Lite $17.00
The Nozawa $35.00

How many Sugarfish locations are there?

But while several world-class sushi dynasties permeate through our city, none might be bigger than Sugarfish. Starting as a humble sushi joint in The Valley (don’t they all), Sugarfish has grown now to eight different locations, stretching from Marina Del Rey to Downtown.

Who owns Sugarfish sushi?

SUGARFISH was created Kazunori and Tom Nozawa and the four other founding partners of the Sushi Nozawa Group.

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Does Sugarfish freeze their fish?

Frozen in 60 seconds That’s not always true, and not always best. While most of the fish we select are fresh, some are frozen – usually, blast frozen to temperatures at 20 below zero or colder.

What is Nozawa style shrimp sushi?

I am a big fan of Sushi Nozawa. It included ” Nozawa style shrimp,” a flayed shrimp on a bed of rice with sesame seeds.

When did Sugarfish open?

On June 23, 2008, the first Sugarfish was christened in Marina Del Rey, a neighborhood south of Venice Beach on the LA coast. At first, customers could only order the “Trust Me” set menu, with no à la carte options available. That didn’t keep people away, though. “The first six months were a bumpy ride.

How many calories are in a trust Me Lite Sugarfish?

There are 349 calories in 1 meal of Sugarfish Trust Me Lite. Calorie breakdown: 25% fat, 39% carbs, 36% protein.

Is Nozawa style shrimp cooked?

Most of the seafood we serve is raw; only our lobster, crab, and eel are fully cooked, and our Nozawa – style shrimp are quickly — but not fully — cooked.

What is Sugarfish trust?

We test our entire Trust Me menus for overall nutritional content, and are pleased that our Trust Me menus represent a healthy balance of protein, high on “good” fat (high in Omega 3s) and low on “saturated” fat, and carbohydrate that is relatively low in calories.

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