Often asked: Why Cant I Get Three Stars In Cooking Fever On Level 13 Of The Sushi Restruant?


How do you get 3 stars on cooking fever?

Your restaurant will earn a higher Daily Income if you complete more levels. You can increase your Daily Income later by replaying all the restaurant levels to get 3 stars in each. This strategy will not only get you a higher Daily Income, it will also speed up how quickly you advance in Experience Points (XP).

How do I get extra clients on cooking fever?

Cooking Fever on Twitter: “Did you know, you can get extra clients to help you achieve 3 stars, by purchasing the scoreboard for your interior?… ”

Which cooking fever level gives the most XP?

High XP levels can help you to level up faster and earn gems easier. Cafe Mexicana and Corn Dog Van are the best when it comes length of their levels and Thai Food Stall and Sirtaki Taverna gives the highest XP score.

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How do you upgrade cooking fever?

To level up, all you need to do is to keep playing and achieving the goals. You also have to watch out for the tasks. There are “Achievements” as well, which adds a few Experience points. Upgrading the restaurant’s interior and your kitchen items, namely food and cooking equipment, will raise your XP, too.

How often can you win gems in cooking fever?

On average I spend about 10,000-30,000ish coins to win my gems. Sometimes it’s less. On rare occasions it’s sometimes more. You can only win gems in the Casino every twelve hours so don’t waste your coins trying to get them more often.

How do you get unlimited gems on cooking fever?

Increase your XP (XP = Experience Points, which are displayed on the top right of screen); each time you advance to a higher an experience level, you will receive coins and gems. You initially receive 2 gems and will max out at 7 gems per level advance. You should try to increase your XP level at least once daily.

How do you get 3 gems in cooking fever casino?

Triple Coin Glitch It is possible to ” win ” triple coins in the casino. One must first win double coins, immediately close the game, and then reopen the game, and the triple gems will appear.

How do you get the automatic machine in cooking fever?

Cooking machines are unlocked when players reach a specific level in the restaurant. Cooking machines are only available for 72 hours. Once this offer expires, players will not be given another opportunity to purchase the cooking machine. The cooking machine can be turned on or off in the kitchen upgrades screen.

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How many levels are there in cooking fever?

Each restaurant has 40 levels to play and a minimum score is needed to pass and get promoted to the next level. In-app purchases are also available; if the player so chooses, they can spend real money to get extra coins and gems instead of earning them during the game.

How do you get diamonds in cooking Fever 2020?

Steps to Get More Gems in Cooking Fever You can max earn 7 gems per level. So try to increase your XP regularly. Last but not the least, you should play the casino just after claiming your Daily Income from your restaurants. In every 12 hours you can win 15 gems, so 30 gems in a day you can win through it.

What food gives the most XP in Minecraft?

there are a couple that give 1xp per smelt, but Cactus is the only one that is farmable, and you can get it in large quantities which is why I use it in all of my furnace xp designs. Check out xisumavoid he recently built a completely automatic exp farm using kelp and cactus.

How does XP work in cooking fever?

Players earn Experience Points ( XP ) as they play Cooking Fever. At the top right of the screen, is the experience level bar which displays how many points are needed to advance to the next level. Players are rewarded at each new level with coins and gems.

How do you win coins on cooking fever?

Coinscoin can be earned by:

  1. Serving customers in restaurants.
  2. Restaurant Level Bonus for every 1st level, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 30th, 35th, and 40th.
  3. Daily income.
  4. Gaining a new Experience Level.
  5. Completing achievements.
  6. Completing restaurant tasks.
  7. Playing in the Casino.
  8. Completing a Cooking Fever Challenge.
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What are the easiest restaurants in cooking fever?

Which restaurants give the most XP in cooking fever? High XP levels can help you to level up faster and earn gems easier. Cafe Mexicana and Corn Dog Van are the best when it comes length of their levels and Thai Food Stall and Sirtaki Taverna gives the highest XP score.

How often are challenges in cooking fever?

You can repeat this process every 12 hours for a total of 30 gems per day but you’ll need a good amount of coins.

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