Question: How Does The Color Code Work At Yo Sushi?


What is Blue Monday at Yo Sushi?

Every week, Yo! Sushi rolls out Blue Monday, where customers can enjoy 45 dishes from the menu at the special price of £2.80. The offer is valid with dishes taken off the conveyor belt, and there are vegan and vegetarian dishes to choose from, such as the Tofu Katsu Curry.

How does it work at Yo Sushi?

There’s now a new, exciting way to YO! Have your meal your way using our new digital menu to order and pay on your phone – completely contactless! Your food will then be freshly prepared and delivered directly to your table on our upgraded iconic belt.

How does Yo Sushi conveyor belt work?

The technology allows guests to take a picture of a QR code and order and pay for their food through the digital menu on their phone. Once the dishes have been prepared in the kitchen, they will be sent directly to the guest on the belt.

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Is Yo Sushi closing down?

Sushi has announced it will close 19 restaurants and cut 250 staff as part of a company-wide restructure. The company is launching a company voluntary arrangement (CVA), allowing it to shut loss-making sites.

Do Yo Sushi do NHS discount?

To show our appreciation of those who work in the Emergency Services & NHS, we offer a discount if you are a Blue Light Card member.

Can you use Tastecard at Yo Sushi?

Chris Emelo from YO! This June, everyone’s favourite colourful-plated Japanese street-food and sushi joint, YO!, landed on tastecard. So now, you can enjoy all those conveyer-belt dishes even more with 2 for 1 plates, 5 days a week.

Do Yo Sushi do takeaway?

YO! Sushi – Japanese food takeaway or delivery near you now.

Does Yo Sushi do noodles?

Impress your mates by cooking YO! inspired Yakisoba noodles; we won’t tell them how quick and easy it is, if you don’t.

Does Yo Sushi do student discount?

We all know that fish is food for your brain. So students get 20% off at YO! (don’t worry, it includes meat and vegetables as well).

How long does Yo Sushi last?

How long you store sushi will depend on how it was prepared. If the sushi is raw fish, then you should not store it for more than a 24-hour period. If the fish is cooked, you should not store it for more than three days. If you store it for a longer period of time, it becomes less safe to eat and loses moisture.

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Is sushi unhygienic?

Some people — including pregnant women, young children, older adults, and those with weakened immune systems — may need to completely avoid sushi made with raw fish. Sushi made with raw fish may contain harmful bacteria and parasites. Improper food processing and handling increase your risk of contamination.

Do Yo Sushi freeze their fish?

Fish fish fish Our tuna is frozen at -60°C, right on the boat – that means the same freshness and quality as fish served 24 hours from being caught. And our salmon’s on your plate within seven days of leaving the water. That’s because we know great taste comes from great ingredients.

Why is Yo Sushi closed?

Restaurant chain Yo Sushi has announced plans to axe 250 jobs as part a major restructuring following months of losses as a result of the coronavirus lockdown. On Friday, the firm revealed it had taken out a company voluntary arrangement (CVA), which will allow it to make a string of changes in its fight for survival.

Do I need to book Yo Sushi?

Do I have to book a table at YO!? You don’t have to book, but with food this good we know you won’t want to wait. We highly recommend booking a table at your favourite YO! especially as we have less space to keep things safe at the moment.

Is Yo Sushi in America?

SnowFox, founded in 2005 and a wholly owned subsidiary of JFE Franchising, is the third largest sushi kiosk business in the United States, managing nearly 700 full-service sushi bars in supermarket, wholesale, university and corporate settings across 30 U.S. states. The expanded YO!

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