Quick Answer: Episode Where Onizuka Steals Sushi Boat?


Does Onizuka ever lose his virginity?

After she goes through a breakup he cooks up a ruse trying to impress her they land at a hotel. But before Onizuka can finally lose his virginity at the tender age of 22, they’re interrupted by the boyfriend: A middle-aged, balding man and she jumps out of the window into his arms screaming “SENSEIIIII”.

What episode does Onizuka get shot?

Lesson 15: The Great Sacrifice is the fifteenth episode in Studio Pierrot’s Great Teacher Onizuka anime series.

Does Kanzaki like Onizuka?

Progressively, Urumi starts to genuinely like Onizuka. Despite the fact that he is not wealthy or sophisticated like her, she likes him because she realizes that he would do anything for his students.

What chapter is the last episode of GTO?

Lesson 43: Onizuka’s Final Battle
Episode Information
North American Air Date January 1, 2004
Running Time 25 Minutes
Manga Chapter (s) N/A


Why did GTO anime end?

The anime decided to come up with an ending of him moving, which is why there were some loose ends. If you wish to continue the story, read the manga. Its good, and the anime only covers about half of it. Basically he left the school because he felt he told everything he could here, and moved on to some other place.

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Do Onizuka marry fuyutsuki get together?

In that version of the story, they do explore the relationship of Onizuka and Fuyutski. Oh and in real life, the actors who played their parts respectively, got married later in future! As for the Manga adaptations, their relationship is never fully explored even in GTO paradise and GTO Shounen 14 days.

How much did Onizuka actually score?

We never actually find out what his real score was when Kikuchi graded the test afterward, but he had a surprised look on his face. Whatever actually happened is deliberately left to speculation. He got an 83,85,89,91, and 96 on his last practice test.

Is the GTO anime coming back?

However, we are not that excited. It is important for the fans to realize that Fujisawa has revived the manga series several times in the past, this being his most consistent original work; but none of those ever got an anime adaptation.

Is there a GTO Season 2?

GTO: Remake Season 2 (2014)

Does Onizuka end up with Mizuki?

Nanaku Mizuki is one of Onizuka’s first students. On their first encounter, she tries to lure him into a trap so that he would be disqualified and lose his job. However, things turn out otherwise, and Onizuka ends up saving her.

What was Urumis secret?

Well if you still wish to know and haven’t saw it yet, Urumi secret is that she’s a test tube baby or something along that line.

Why does Onizuka go to jail?

prison?! The trouble magnet of a teacher reveals that this stint behind bars is thanks to a certain incident with the class he became assistant homeroom teacher of half a year earlier: Holy Forest Academy’s new class for high school-aged celebrities!

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Is GTO worth reading?

While it doesn’t look it, GTO is one of the most inspirational and heartwarming manga around, as readers, who have watched Onizuka bond with and positively change the students he encounters, can attest to.

Where did GTO anime leave off?

Anime ends at volume 13,chapter 106. there are total 200 chapters and no they don’t date. manga is better than anime IMO. Thanks.

Is GTO a good anime?

GTO is by far one of the best anime’s and definatly one of my favorites so far. Not much story to it after the first 3 episode, after those its basically more like a slice of life anime. but some amazing and entertaining things happen.

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