Quick Answer: Ff15 How To Get Meat Sushi?


Where can I buy luncheon meat FFXV?

Luncheon Meat can be purchased from the Mini-mart at Hammerhead, the JM Markets at the Longwythe Rest Area and in Old Lestallum, the kiosk at the Wiz Chocobo Post, Aldare’s in Galdin Quay, and Fallstar Foods in Lestallum for 100 gil. It can also be purchased from the shopping menu in the Regalia starting in Chapter 3.

Where can I buy Kujata marrow?

Kujata Marrow can purchased from Furloch Farms Store in Lestallum for 3,000 gil. It can also be obtained as a drop from the Molokujata (75% drop rate) during the Devils Cry Curses hunt. It can be sold back to shops for 1,500 gil.

Where can I buy golden tail soup ingredients?

Acquired By Allural Shallot and Kujata Marrow can be bought at the Furloch Farms grocer at Lestallum.

How do you get mystery meat sushi FFXV?

To unlock the Mystery Meat Sushi recipe, you need to obtain the Luncheon Meat ingredients. This ingredient can be purchased from a lot of shops. Note that the recipe only unlocks when purchasing the ingredient from specific shops.

How do I raise my Ignis cooking skill?

Cooking ( Ignis ): Increases when he cooks a meal. Stock up on 50+ pieces of Luncheon Meat and cook it at a campfire. You can immediately revisit the camp and cook the same meal over and over again. Takes 20 minutes to max out.

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