Quick Answer: When Jade And Victorious Go Off On Guys In Sushi Place Episode?


What episode does Jade and Tori go on a date?

Tori & Jade’s Play Date is the 6th episode in Season 3 of Victorious, making it the 40th episode overall. It aired on March 3, 2012.

What episode does Jade Hug Tori?

The first major Jori moment occurs in Wok Star, where Tori helps Jade put on Well Wishes, and is in fact the sole reason it was put on, with the two sharing a hug at the episode’s end.

Which episode does Beck kiss Tori?

“Victorious” Opposite Date (TV Episode 2012) – IMDb.

Who cheated on Tori in victorious?

Tori Vega, Victoria Justice, from Nickelodeon’s show, VicTORious. Tori Vega from Nickelodeon’s show VicTORious is a cheater. She had a boyfriend named Stephen from the iCarly episode “iParty with VicTORious”, which aired July 11, 2011. She cheated on him with three other guys.

Do Tori and Beck ever date?

In Tori Goes Platinum, it is suggested that Beck has been harboring romantic feelings for Tori, and they almost kissed. After Victorious, Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia starred in the 2017 film The Outcasts as love interests. Bori has many loyal fans and shippers.

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Who does Beck end up with?

Beck and Jade, as of Jade Dumps Beck, have been dating for a year and eleven months, but after getting back together, they were a couple for almost three years until The Worst Couple. They are back together for a third time in Tori Fixes Beck and Jade.

Does Tori and Andre get together?

Really beck and jade from victorious really dating Victorious, Beck had feelings for Tori while he was dating Jade. No, Beck is dating Jade. Yes, Jade and Beck do really go out. Do Tori and Andre ever get together?

André Harris
Enemies: Trina Vega (Sometimes)
Other Information
Interests: Music

Why is jade so mean?

It is shown throughout the series that deep down, Jade is lonely, sad, insecure and her heart is broken, which is part of the reason she is so rude towards people.

What episode does Jade and Beck break up?

Jade Dumps Beck is the 5th episode of Season 1 of Victorious.

Why did Beck kiss Tori?

Pilot – Tori uses Beck as a medium by kissing him as a way to get back at Jade.

Who is Beck from Victorious dating in real life?

Jogia and Gillies played musical high schoolers Beck and Jade, a fan-favorite couple, on the Nickelodeon show. The 27-year-old “Dynasty” actress tied the knot with 47-year-old producer and composer Michael Corcoran on August 8.

Why did Beck kiss Trina?

When Trina saw Beck in her class she was concerned and asked him what he was doing there. Beck teaches Trina a lesson in lying by making her think that he likes her with the help of Robbie and André. Beck even kisses Trina in order to do this.

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What did Ryder do to Tori?

On the night of the Full Moon Jam, Tori, along with a good number of girls that Ryder had used and chucked aside, publicly exposed and humiliated Ryder with the song “Beggin’ on Your Knees”.

Who was Sadie in victorious?

Halston Sage (born May 10, 1993) is an American actress and singer, who played Sadie in Beggin’ on Your Knees.

Halston Sage
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Born: May 10, 1993
Character: Sadie

What episode of Victorious does Tori get a boyfriend?

Cat’s New Boyfriend. Tori struggles to restrain her jealousy when Cat begins dating her ex-boyfriend; Trina gets Tori’s friends into using some illegally imported fish to get smoother feet.

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