What Bait Catches Sushi Fish Mh4u?


Where can I find sushi fish in mh4u?

Grab the Fishing Rod from the box and head to Area 10. You can access this section by going to Area 6 and entering through the small cave in the water. Use the bait you found in the box and fish for the suckers near the waterfall.

Sushifish SOS
Contract Fee 0z Stable


How do you make Sushifish bait?

Nope, you don’t even need the bait but sushifish bait will only attract sushifish. Just approach the pool in area 10 and press Y to use the bait while it’s your selected item or press A to just use the generic unlimited fishing bait.

Where do I get Gargwa eggs mh4u?

Head to Area 8 to find them, then travel through Area 3. The Jaggi in this area will try to get you, so run only if they get too close. On your way to get the second egg, you’ll notice a roadblock blocking Area 8. Head over to Area 6 to find the Gargwa.

Where can I find Seltas in mh4u?

Head over to Area 7 to find it. There are several attacks that the Seltas will perform that you should always keep in mind. First, you have to remember that Seltas can move quickly and fluidly, so you’ll find yourself chasing it around the area at times.

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How do I get Gargwa eggs?

Gargwa are the ostrich-looking monsters, and they’re chilling in Areas 1, 4 and 7. You can hit them to get one to drop an egg. But remember, Hunters will have to take it back to base camp. It’s not too bad, as long as you stick to that path.

How do you get the golden Gargwa egg?

1 Answer. You get one the same way you do a regular Gargwa Egg; sneak up behind a Gargwa, and attack it. It will lay an egg, and it might be golden. If you want a guaranteed chance at one, you can trade a Max Potion for one to the Veggie Elder in both the Ancestral Steppe, or the Everwood.

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